As a child, you probably never suspected that carefree days spent sunning and swimming could be a prelude to skin cancer. But those hours outdoors elevated your risk of developing skin cancer today. Experts estimate that by age 18, you’ve accumulated 85% of your lifetime exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, diagnosed in more than one million Americans each year. In most cases, skin cancer is not fatal, but it can be disfiguring. The good news is that with early detection and treatment, more than 90% of cases can be cured.

Dr. Price can help in the treatment and prevention of skin cancer.  If you have noticed that a freckle or mole is changing in size or color, or if you have a new lesion that you are not sure of, let your doctor know.  Some lesions can be treated in an in-office procedure by either destruction or removal of the suspicious area.